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sO in lOve <3

heii ppl, i been in diz cOmmunity fOr da lOnqezt but never actually wrOte in it Or read nuttin. i uzt finished readin sOme entriez n lOokin at sOme pikz. sO i decided tO write in here n keep up wiit it. if u wanna add me plz dO. i'll add u bak :) well imma tell u bOut me n mii bOo.

qirlfriend (me) : Rachel, 16 yrz Old, kuban, miami flOrida, attend christian academy.

bOifriend ( mii bOo) : allan, 17 yrz Old, bOricua, miami flOrida, attendz christian academy

rachel n allan since o2.o6.o4 

we went tO da same elementary skOol n da same middle skOol. we knew each Other but never spOke. hiz bestfriend wuz alwayz tryin tO hoOk up w/ my bestfriend n while dey will talk me n allan will uzt stare at each Other, yet never talked. i went tO cOral gablez high n he went tO miami high. me n my friendz uzt tO chill at sOme park n One daii he wuz there. my hOmeqrl was like "damn, i remember dat nigguh, allan frOm middle skOol" n i was like "yeah sO dO i" i went hOme n she stayed. wen she qOt hOme she kalled n tOld me he likes me sO we qOt hOoked up On mach 28, 2o02. den we brOke up n were uzt friendz. we hated each Other n alwayz bOthered each Other. we qOt clOser as tym passed n we became friendz w/ benifitz nuttun seriOuz. till One daii he saw me w/ anOther guy n he claimed me. i tOld him tO chill dat he want my man, we qOt intO  fight n sed sOme flaw shiit tO each other. then i left tO my hOmeqrl'z krib cryin n he left tO my hOmeqrl'z man'z krib. mi hOmeqrl kalled her man n her man tOld her allan wuz der she tOld him i wuz w/ her sO deii decided tO meet in a lil "qreen circle" rOund there n me n allan talked n he asked me Out. On feb o6,2o04. we fight lyk krazii, argue n fight mOre! but we lOve each other like krazii n will dO ne thing fOr each Other. i been pregnant by him 3 tymz n nOw im On my 4rth. sO it'll all qOod! hiz my babe n will alwayz be!

well dat wuz a lOnq-shOrt stOry of me n allan.... derz mOre! lOl. i lOve allan sO much dat everytym i c him itz lyk im seeinq him fOr da first tym, i still qet butterfliez :)

well doez are sOme pikz Of me n mii bOo... add mOre later! i lOve allan w/ all mii heart! <3

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awee you guys are adorable together
awww thx u mama! :)
their super cute 2gether..

aww thx!!! :)