It`s Karina (_072304) wrote in me_heart_babe,
It`s Karina

im new in this <3

Good morning. I`m new to the community so I`m going to start off by saying my name is Rina, I`m 18, I live in Miami, and I have an AWSOME boyfriend named Gus :) We started going out July 23, 2004 making us 1 year next month. We are engaged. The wedding is being planned for next year. I might be pregnant. I`m supper happy and in love. I`m going to end the entry with some pictures. Enjoy <3

Image hosted by
^ My hubby with my fav. monkie, cocoa ^

Image hosted by
^ True love ^

Image hosted by
^ Graphic I made. Want one ? Hollurrrr ^

Image hosted by
^ The ring <3 ^
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