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hey gurlies. whas good ? well im new to this community but decided to join because i have a babe who i love very much. here's a lil info on us ;

My name . Age & Loc ; Yesenia ( rubia ) . 17 yrs young . kendall .
His name ; Age & Loc ; Johnny ( Jay . J or Tato ) . 19 . hialeah .
How we met ; through AOL =x
Day we started going out ; O3.O7.O5 .
What i feel for him ; he's the BEST boyfriend. he's my lover & my best friend. i can tell him ANYTHING without fear of rejection or thinking he'll laugh at me. he makes me feel beautiful & loved. i can tell him my deepest secrets & he won't think nothing bad of them. i can be myself with him without being judged. i feel like im on top of the world when im next to him. im proud to say he's my man. i know it hasen't been long but i feel like im in love. you're probably thinking im crazy because it hasen't even been a month yet , but i seriously believe im in love. i've NEVER felt this way for a chico before. and believe me , i been through many. all niggahs are bout drama . and rip & dip. not mine. he's the most respectful . sweetest & caring person i've ever met. i love him with all my heart & i hope we last together. i don't wanna bore you gurlies no more so im gonna post a few piks up. i don't have any piks of the both of us together YET, but i promise i'll get. check us out ;

^ that's ME.

the thief who stole my heart <3

REMINDER - tomorrow's our 1 month anniversary !! <3
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