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First update in a long time.

Okay so I haven't posted in a long time but is because I broke up with my boyfriend Alex so yea but now im talking to someone new his name is  Felix  and i've known him for a long time we use to have a crush on each other in the 8th grade but we never told each other and not to long ago I bumped in to him in one of my high school's basketball games (He was there to support his cousin Edwin which plays on the team for my school) So he asked for my phone number I gave it to him and we've been talking since bad part about this is that he doesn't go to my school which makes it very hard for us to see each other but he is gonna transfer to my school (Miami High) soon right now he goes to Jackson so yea well anywayz i'll keep you guys informed on what happends between me and him (:
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