Katy (x0fallinangel0x) wrote in me_heart_babe,

hey everyone. i'm new here and i need some advice.

i've had a crush on the same guy for 3 years (kinda pathetic, i know, but i've had crushes on other guys as well. lol). we went out for 2 months when i first gained my crush on him. after we broke up, we stoppeed talking for about 7 months and then out of no where started talking again every now and then. then a few months later it turnt in to talking all the time. then one night he told me he still loved me, and i still loved him so i told him. and, basically its been the same ever since. then the begining of this year he said we should stop talking for a while b/c he needed to figure some stuff out. i said it was ok and that i would miss him until we spoke again. about 3 weeks later he told me that it was wrong of him to just go away b/c i mean alot to him, and he always wants to be there for me and if i ever needed him i could contact him. and then we started talking again not saying i love u or anything. then the next week he called me and when we were getting off the phone he told me he loved me. and i was kind of confused what with everything that had happened, but i still loved him and said it anyway. and i was with my friends and they asked what i was doing with telling him i loved him and i told them. and my friends b/f said he probaly likes me but may just be confused or scared or something.
but, i mean... we talk ALL the time. and he talks about us living together and getting married and the future. and always asking me if when i turn 18 if he were to ask me to marry him if i would. and its just confusing.
what do u think? and i'm sorry this is so long... but, like i said, i'm so confused!!!
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