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[ Saturday
October 15 10:21am]
[ mood | DEBBIE ]


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[ Monday
June 20 10:09pm]

hi, im new. my name is beckie and i have the most amazing boyfriend ever.

♥us...Collapse )

we've been going out for 1 year and 4 months. ♥
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im new in this <3 [ Saturday
June 11 11:18am]

Good morning. I`m new to the community so I`m going to start off by saying my name is Rina, I`m 18, I live in Miami, and I have an AWSOME boyfriend named Gus :) We started going out July 23, 2004 making us 1 year next month. We are engaged. The wedding is being planned for next year. I might be pregnant. I`m supper happy and in love. I`m going to end the entry with some pictures. Enjoy <3

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new ; b3e ;] [ Sunday
June 05 05:25pm]

[ mood | cold ]

hey guys. im lizbeth and my babe is rene. We are two birdies in love since 11.22.o4. He asked me out on his bday [to0 cute]. We are bestfriends and have been there for each other through thick and thin. We go to school and everywhere together. You can say we're gum stuck together. Its my first serious relationship and his too. I love his cheeks and his hurr lol <3 He loves my jellyrolls and my butt lmao<3 Im his baby boom boom and hes my hot thang like a chikeng wang. here are peeks!

babe -&- babeCollapse )

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[ Tuesday
May 31 07:02pm]

I Image hosted by Photobucket.comHIM
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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check this out <33 [ Tuesday
May 24 11:04pm]


[ Tuesday
May 24 05:53am]

Please join my community

Our community includes:
*Long and short application
*Great point system and ways to spend your points
*Live and regular hunts
*active members
*Lovely Mods
*Paid community account!

So come and join and if you say you came from here and that I recruited you I will give you a bonus 35 pts!

If you dont like this feel free to delete it :D

[ Monday
May 23 08:49pm]
hii... im new here.

i have a babe. yes, since 031705. alomost 3 months. but tell you the truth we`re different. before being with him i got out of a big heartbreaking relationship of 8 months with my ex carlos. i was hurt & jae was there all the way. now comes to find i`m a month an a half pregnant with his child. i started taking pre-natal & im scared to death to tell my mom. he`s happy with it cuz im keeping it. i mean, i ADORE him. he`s changed me. so far, we are great but got haters up the bootyhole ;\ but we are being very strong about things.

here`s some piks

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the father of my child ♥
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[ Monday
May 23 01:00am]


I've just opened a new love community for people in serious relationships - so if you're in love, it's the place for you!
It's not a rating community - so everyone is welcome :)

There will be lots of interactive, fun things to do, such as weekly questions & themes, couple of the month and graphic rewards for active members!

So please spread the love, and check out fairytale__love!

[ Wednesday
April 27 03:20pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

please join.. cause its awesome like that?
my userinfo, icon and layout was made by them (or her..) =)

[ Monday
April 25 08:55pm]
hey guys .. im new 2 this community n i wuz wondering if ya`ll could vote 4 mii here please, im ooiadii3o5oo. behind the cut are pics of mii n my babe by the way =] 

click hereCollapse )
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*pOst i prOmised... mY babii jOn nd me.. --aaf* [ Sunday
April 24 12:38am]

[ mood | missing my babii! ovcOrse ]

well i knO i tOld ya'all lass` time dat i'M rObyn.. leTs see what i didnT tell yOu`. mE nd jOn met when me and mii best friend (wun Of them`) leTty weRe On yaHOO aT thE eNd Of sUmmEr cuZ` nd tHis bOy IMs uS nd weRe all "DAMN HES FINE!!" l0l nd we start tawking, fOr like all daii we were all tawking Online.. nd then i gOtta leave letTys hOuse.. sO i call her cuz shes still tawkin tO him!! nd i run Online when i gEt hOme nd we tawk On the phOne all nite.. nd next full week.... O8.O8.O4 he asked me Out [he lives Onlii 1.5 hOur awaii frOm me] he is a badd bOi.. =[ he was On prObatiOn when we met, buh didnt wanna chase me awaii sO didnt tell me!!! well, i find Out da hard way.. letz juss say that. he gOes tO jail On nd Off while we tOgether.. till january... we have a huge fight and break up.. pOlice nd gun threats (dats wat he was in trOuble -gunz) sO it gOt seriOus!! i hOOked up w/ sum guy named erich nd crap.. but dats Old we Over.. and jOn went away fOr 6 mOths On march 24 O5. but, we started tawking again cuz like 3 weeks befOre that he called me nd was scared shitless and said sumthin like "rObyn.. babii listen. yOu knOw that sOng "Over n Over" by nelly n tim mcgraw? well everytime i hear that i think Of yOu, nd im sO sOrry i lOve yOu sO much and yOu knOw that, but i cant sleep ever inless i sit there thinking Of yOu fOr hOurs sO then i fall asleep tO dream Of yOu, and its hard but i wanna be with yOu mOre then anything. yOur my reasOn tO breathe, tO wake up in the mOrnings. but i want yOu back sO bad, but i want u juss` fOr me, nOt sharing my girl with him [i was with that guy at the time n he knew i wrOte a mean ass rap tO jOn nd it mentiOn that new guy l0l..] if i cant have u as my babii gurl, my heart i dOnt think i can talk tO yOu, it will hurt tO much everyday tO knO ur telling anOther guy u like tawking tO him nd nOt me nO mOre and i cant think that. i lOve yOu tOO much i need u" it was just sO damn` cute when he said it.. i was like " YES YES YES YES" in my head l0l but i said "i dunnO jOn what yOu did was sO fucked up, and i mean i lOve yOu mOre then anything. yOu need tO knOw that, but after what was said its just like.. i dunnO" he tOld my guy friend during the huge fight he wants me tO die! my friend IMed him sayin "yO rObyn died... im sry" and he was like "gOOd that bitch i fuckin hate her!" i cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG did i ever... he mentally and emOtiOnally abused me. i knOw that. but i cant help it. i need him. sO i wait fOr my babii tO cOme hOme. my rents hate him nOw.. dUn want me with him, dun want me seeing him. but fuck them. :[ he tOl me he'd write as sOOn as he can, but his family dun like me much after Our break up.. sO i dunnO i waiit fOr him fOrever.

heres a sOng fOr us.. Monica- Should known better.. DEDICATED TO MY JON <3.Collapse )

mii mean ass rap l0lCollapse )

he said when he read that, he cried. and like 1 week later is when he called with that speach up thurr that was sO damn cute. :[... but yah.. i dun gOt pics Of us tOgether.. but i gOt piCs Of eaCh Of us`.. heres him..
mii babii i lOve yOu jOn..Collapse )
i lOve him sO muCh... =[ i crii everynite cuz i miss his vOice.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*iF yOu girls want anii mOre infO.. juss tell me!!*

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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[ Thursday
April 21 09:15pm]

[ mood | sick ]

heyy` wassa?
my name is rObyn nd thats what peOple call me tOo. i`m new nd i'll make a lOng pOst with my stOrii tOmarrOw because im sick, and gOing to bed. =[
xOoX rObyn
-1 nd Only-

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[ Sunday
April 17 10:55pm]

♥ Just updating to say that me `nd mi baby made 2 years on friday and we are as happy as we can be. qlendii ♥'s qlenn! muahz!
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sO in lOve <3 [ Sunday
April 17 03:56am]

[ mood | loved ]

heii ppl, i been in diz cOmmunity fOr da lOnqezt but never actually wrOte in it Or read nuttin. i uzt finished readin sOme entriez n lOokin at sOme pikz. sO i decided tO write in here n keep up wiit it. if u wanna add me plz dO. i'll add u bak :) well imma tell u bOut me n mii bOo.

qirlfriend (me) : Rachel, 16 yrz Old, kuban, miami flOrida, attend christian academy.

bOifriend ( mii bOo) : allan, 17 yrz Old, bOricua, miami flOrida, attendz christian academy

rachel n allan since o2.o6.o4 

we went tO da same elementary skOol n da same middle skOol. we knew each Other but never spOke. hiz bestfriend wuz alwayz tryin tO hoOk up w/ my bestfriend n while dey will talk me n allan will uzt stare at each Other, yet never talked. i went tO cOral gablez high n he went tO miami high. me n my friendz uzt tO chill at sOme park n One daii he wuz there. my hOmeqrl was like "damn, i remember dat nigguh, allan frOm middle skOol" n i was like "yeah sO dO i" i went hOme n she stayed. wen she qOt hOme she kalled n tOld me he likes me sO we qOt hOoked up On mach 28, 2o02. den we brOke up n were uzt friendz. we hated each Other n alwayz bOthered each Other. we qOt clOser as tym passed n we became friendz w/ benifitz nuttun seriOuz. till One daii he saw me w/ anOther guy n he claimed me. i tOld him tO chill dat he want my man, we qOt intO  fight n sed sOme flaw shiit tO each other. then i left tO my hOmeqrl'z krib cryin n he left tO my hOmeqrl'z man'z krib. mi hOmeqrl kalled her man n her man tOld her allan wuz der she tOld him i wuz w/ her sO deii decided tO meet in a lil "qreen circle" rOund there n me n allan talked n he asked me Out. On feb o6,2o04. we fight lyk krazii, argue n fight mOre! but we lOve each other like krazii n will dO ne thing fOr each Other. i been pregnant by him 3 tymz n nOw im On my 4rth. sO it'll all qOod! hiz my babe n will alwayz be!

well dat wuz a lOnq-shOrt stOry of me n allan.... derz mOre! lOl. i lOve allan sO much dat everytym i c him itz lyk im seeinq him fOr da first tym, i still qet butterfliez :)

tru lOve since o2.o6.o4Collapse )

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NEW GiRL [ Wednesday
April 06 04:16am]

hey gurlies. whas good ? well im new to this community but decided to join because i have a babe who i love very much. here's a lil info on us ;

My name . Age & Loc ; Yesenia ( rubia ) . 17 yrs young . kendall .
His name ; Age & Loc ; Johnny ( Jay . J or Tato ) . 19 . hialeah .
How we met ; through AOL =x
Day we started going out ; O3.O7.O5 .
What i feel for him ; he's the BEST boyfriend. he's my lover & my best friend. i can tell him ANYTHING without fear of rejection or thinking he'll laugh at me. he makes me feel beautiful & loved. i can tell him my deepest secrets & he won't think nothing bad of them. i can be myself with him without being judged. i feel like im on top of the world when im next to him. im proud to say he's my man. i know it hasen't been long but i feel like im in love. you're probably thinking im crazy because it hasen't even been a month yet , but i seriously believe im in love. i've NEVER felt this way for a chico before. and believe me , i been through many. all niggahs are bout drama . and rip & dip. not mine. he's the most respectful . sweetest & caring person i've ever met. i love him with all my heart & i hope we last together. i don't wanna bore you gurlies no more so im gonna post a few piks up. i don't have any piks of the both of us together YET, but i promise i'll get. check us out ;

flicksCollapse )
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[ Tuesday
April 05 04:48pm]

[ mood | loved ]

hey girls thank u for the comments from my last entry but i just wanted to say that me and my baby got back together on monday! just lettin u kno. im so happy. we're gonna try to work things out. much love! glendy!

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First update in a long time. [ Sunday
April 03 04:45pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Okay so I haven't posted in a long time but is because I broke up with my boyfriend Alex so yea but now im talking to someone new his name is  Felix  and i've known him for a long time we use to have a crush on each other in the 8th grade but we never told each other and not to long ago I bumped in to him in one of my high school's basketball games (He was there to support his cousin Edwin which plays on the team for my school) So he asked for my phone number I gave it to him and we've been talking since bad part about this is that he doesn't go to my school which makes it very hard for us to see each other but he is gonna transfer to my school (Miami High) soon right now he goes to Jackson so yea well anywayz i'll keep you guys informed on what happends between me and him (:

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i love him! [ Saturday
April 02 10:44pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

ok. sad day. me and my babe have been going out for almost 2 years . on the 15th we would have made 2 years. and well we are always fighting and breaking up but only for a few hours. but today it went a little too far . i love him so much but we just cant be together i feel like shit u guys i dont kno what to do. well thats it . bye . im hopeless. i love him but it cnat happen no more!

glendy & glenn
04.15.03 - 04.02.05

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[ Wednesday
March 30 08:16pm]

[ mood | blah ]

i dont really <3 someone now..
i think lots of ppl are fine though..
=D .. i want a guy to treat me right.

<3 deMi


[ Thursday
March 24 09:48am]

Shawn and i broke up... ages ago, actually.
it just took me til now to want to tell you to take us off the list.
i'm sorry about that.
it was nice meeting you all.
and maybe, if you'll have me, i'll be back later.
with a new username.
and a real love.

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I LOVE HIM. [ Saturday
March 19 05:45pm]

Hello! I think I was a member like eons ago, but I just rejoined, so here's a mini-bio of Johnny and myself...
NAMES: Theresa & Johnny
AGES: 20 & 24 (respectively)
STATUS: Promised to one another; together since January 31, 2003
SCHOOLING: Both at Southeastern Oklahoma State University... Me for Aviation, him for Elementary Education. I left for school in August of 2003 and that's when Johnny decided he needed to go to college (he didn't go right after HS). He applied at my school, was accepted, and since Spring 2004, he has been at school there with me. :]
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[ Friday
March 18 08:42pm]


[ Friday
March 18 06:26pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Just joined!!
My name is Brittany (17) and my babes name is Steven(18). We have been together on and off for 5 months. And we are inlove. :D
Picture of me and my babe behind the cut
CheeeseCollapse )

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[ Tuesday
March 15 07:05pm]

hey everyone. i'm new here and i need some advice.

Help =-(Collapse )
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[ Tuesday
March 15 03:10pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey, I thought I'd ask for some ideas. My boyfriend, Jonathan, and I have been going out for 5 months. We've dated in the past and we are very happy now. He knows that he means the world to me, I don't think I need to tell him that, but still, I wanna do something special for him on our 6 month anniversary. Its not til next month, but I like to plan ahead. It's kind of hard to do something romantic and cute for him considering we are both still in High School. And are not allowed to be alone in the house, ::wink wink:: ;) hahah. Anyway. What can I do?? Please help! :) Thanks ♥


[ Sunday
March 13 07:25pm]

jazzy & luis
o2.21.o5- o3.13.o5

don`t worry people.
I`m not heartbroken.
It was mutual.
It was for the best.
I think?
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[ Saturday
March 12 09:45pm]
[ mood | happy..with my <3 ]

heyy everyone my name is Cristy and im new in this community..my babes name is Javier and we have been goign out for 7 months..and i love him alot..i don't know what i would do without him..I'm 14 and hes 17, we live in Miami FL, i'm a Freshman @ South West High and hes a Junior @ Braddock High!...well i'll tell stories later but for now here are some pics...

Cristy + Javy = Tru <3Collapse )

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hmmm [ Thursday
March 10 05:15pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

jazzy & luis

pictureeeCollapse )

need a little advice puhleaseCollapse )
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[ Wednesday
March 09 01:42am]
[ mood | i love roland ]

damn.. i havn't posted here in forever.
haha. hope everyone and their love ones
are doing awesome <3 and if ur not its

ok it will get better. i got a new boyfriend
he makes me soo happy. i truely love him =D

ill update more later.
here are some piks.
enjoy <3

Jaxie & ROLandCollapse )
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[ Tuesday
March 01 03:09am]

[ mood | awake ]


soory i havent updated in a looong time but heres "our" picz <3

me and my babeCollapse )

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i love jonathan [ Sunday
February 27 05:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello all. My name is Kate and I'm new here and well, there's this special boy that has my heart and I love himCollapse )


[ Sunday
February 27 01:14pm]

k. well i decided to ask this here. me & the guy in my other entry in this community were talking about starting a picture book. with pictures of us. he mentioned it and i fell in love with the idea. seeing as how i'm a camara whore and all. lol.


right now at this moment i have tons of pics saved on my computer that i'd absolutely love to get printed out. i've tried saving them onto a CD and i took them to that dumb machine at walgreens but my pics came out horrendous. all pixelated and stuff.

if any of you develop pics saved from ur computer.. or from your digi please let me know. or please IM me at Litto Dork x on AOL. :) thanks a million guys.

oh & yeah. NEW LAYOUT</b> for the community. ♥
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[ Sunday
February 27 12:08pm]

[ mood | crazy ]


his name is matt. i really like him. and it seems as if i grow to like him more with each day that passes. let's see where this leads. ♥
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heres my drama.. [ Friday
February 18 08:52am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

here it is..Collapse )

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looong time [ Sunday
February 13 12:04pm]


Well its been a looong ass time since I been on here, I dont even remember telling you guys me and my beb broke up. Its been about 5 months now. And well, lets just say I've been thru hell and back about 5times. lol. I love that kid soo much, its incredible. He keeps coming back, but always leaves me with that hole in my heart. Hes been with a couple of girls, but Im over it. I know he loves me and we're gonna get back.

Tomorrow is Valentines day, what a pussy. LoL. Me and him are doing good right now, we're trying to work shit out. Hopefully if all goes well we'll start fresh and eventually we'll both trust eachother enough to be happy together. Hes my best friend ever, I love being with him. I still have hope that we'll get back, I mean its been 5 months and in those 5 months we've still kinda been together. Its really wierd and complicated, no details.

I hope everyone has a great valentines day, and hopefully I'll have a good one too.

Here's some random pics of us. =D

love is . . .Collapse )

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[ Sunday
January 30 03:13pm]
January 19th,2005

datz mi qutie rite der. nd i luv him ;]
te quiero muchoz babi.
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[ Saturday
January 29 11:19pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

i need a babe :(


[ Saturday
January 29 07:33pm]

sometimes i really dont get guys and the way they act around their friends. like i called my boyfriend and he is acting all mr. bigass and stupid and trying to be cool in front of his friend and her kids cuz he doesnt ever show his emotional side around her and then when me and him aare together it is seriously the cutest thing ever and i feel like im his angel.. but i dont fucking get it... but whatever

[ Sunday
January 23 07:01pm]

Happy 3 months to me and my man !


[ Sunday
January 16 07:46pm]
5 months with babe yesterday (:

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it's been a while nd alot has gone down... [ Wednesday
January 12 06:55pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Whoa it's been forever nd a day since i've updated here... alot has happened since the last time... which i can't even recall when that was.. = (  .. but i'm pretty sure it was when rolly nd i were still together.. well our breakup was mainly due to fighting and a girl that wouldn't get off his dick, and he wouldn't do ne thing about it.. until after we broke up.. at first it was just taking time apart nd i realized it couldn't be ne more.. that it would be for a while, becuz our fighting was still constant.. except now the things he said to me were hurtful..  & up until last  i didn't realize how he kinda began steppin all over me.. thanx for bein there for me teddy!! mwuah! i'm sorry i'm not ready for anything new yet.. i still need time to get over my last relationship.. it's not lyk i sit and cry for him bak becuz thats not really wut i want.. i still sometimes miss the good times we had, nd he was someone i really care/cared about...

well if ne one is interested in my story.. i have made that entry public.. so enjoy... <3

regina nd rolly... june 11th, 2004- December 4th, 2004....

us now....Collapse )

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[ Tuesday
January 11 05:25pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hey well this is xsmurfette_927x . I got a new LJ. So me and my babe broke up last week and I'm going through a tough time with everything. It's a long story but we're still trying to work things out. I'm going to stay in this community for now but if we don't fix things within a month, I will be leaving.

Calvin + Katrina Sep. 27, 2003 - January 5, 2005. Hopefully I can get that to say Sep. 27, 2003 - forever. </3

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[ Thursday
January 06 07:00pm]
micky & luis
12/13/04 - 1/6/05

here is the IM :
(jaz is one of my best friends, and bijan is his friend from shcool)
IM ;(Collapse )
6 Love Their babe

[ Sunday
January 02 06:22pm]

i just joined feel free to add me,im tatiana and i love my babe angel we have been together since 7.16.04 i love him alot.its funny how he was my best friend before,he knows everything about me haha!just thought ill join and say i love him.

5 Love Their babe

[ Saturday
January 01 09:40am]


hey its lost____

add me if you want to.

happy new year - 2005 is going to rock.



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[ Friday
December 31 12:08am]

lol. it's my community and i don't even update.

well it's cause i still have no babe. :x lol but i'm working on it. eventually i'm gonna be like you love-struck kids ranting about how good everything is. :)

♥ happy new years to everyone. :)
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& time after time i`ve tried to fiqht it but our love is stronq it keepz on holdinq on [ Thursday
December 30 01:53pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

itz been a qood minute. last tiem i updated in here i was qoin owt wit sebastian <3 nd we stayed on + off fer a lonq ass tiem. i broke uph wit him bekoz i wuhz qoin thru alotta drama & he qot REAL dick. he started talkinq mad shyt. tellinq ppl ima hoe. + commentinq stupid ass shyt on my LJ. we dint talk fer lyk 3 monthsz. i went wit thiz kid terrence buh we ended uph breakinq uph bekoz he hooked up with my OLD homeqirl camille..i dint rly sweat it 2 much bekoz we wer both cheatinq it wuhz w.e.. den sebastian nd i started talkinq aqain..nd he apoloqized fer errythinq [idk if i ferqive him]..& we both realized we were still in love wit each other..sOo we qo toqether ..AGAIIN..we`ve been on + off since last yr round march...im not quna c him till jan. 11th cuhz he went to colombia + i`m misssinq him lyk crazay. buh itz qot me thinkinq.. did i do tha rite thinq by qoinq wit him aqain..im not reli tryna end it bekoz i L0VE thiz boy. wen i`m not wit him i qo crazay. + i knoe he lovez me 2. buh he sed sum REAL fucked uph shyt..+ idk if i can jus ferqive him lyk that. !? well much luhv ladiesz.. q0od luck wit all ur men <3 happy h0lidaysz + all dat qood stuff *// <33

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[ Tuesday
December 28 03:36pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

im backkk ` i havent been on here in a long time cuz ive been in and out of some really messed up relationships. but the love of my life is back in my life. billy and i have been off and on for too long. but we are officially back together...

if you love something let it go .. if it comes back its yours
.. if it doesnt it was never meant to be
bily + kaycee .. reunited <3

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I was just frontin' you know i want ya babe. * [ Monday
December 27 11:18am]
[ mood | weird ]

Hiii ... *waves* ... I'm new to this community -- I recently joined because I have a babe. His name is RiCKY GONZALEZ. :) we've been dating since 121604. So far, he's been an awesome guy and I hope to build a good & lasting relationship with him. <3

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